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Get started with Feedback Portal
Get started with Feedback Portal
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The Feedback Portal allows you to collate ideas and feature requests from your users into one beautiful, user-friendly location. It gives you the power to build with your user in mind, keep open communication, transparency, reduce your support burden and decrease churn.

Within the Portal, you will be able to analyze your feedback, prioritize, provide decisions while transparently displaying the progress and development within the public roadmap. Make the Feedback Portal your own by adding custom branding and domains, integrate your existing workflows and tools, plus, maximize the value for your user and your business.

Empower your users by turning their feedback into a conversation, build their trust, loyalty and develop your business with the user along for the journey.

Activate & Configure your Feedback portal

Go to the Portal tab on the left side or click below to go straight there.

Now that your Portal is Activated. Let's set it up.

General Settings

Portal URL

Your unique portal URL - By default, the portal URL will be the project name. You can edit the Portal URL at any time.

Portal name

The name of your portal, also displayed in the window/tab name

Feature Requests

Enable or disable the ability for users to add new and vote on existing ideas


Enable or disable the roadmap feature within the portal


Allows you to decide whether or not new ideas submitted via the Feedback Portal or Widget are automatically made public

Status & Category

Public status

This is a way for you to simplify your internal Userback status workflow onto your public roadmap by assigning multiple internal statuses to single public status.


Can be enabled/disabled from the public view.

⚠️ If you change the status of feedback within Userback it will change the status within the Feedback Portal, dependent on how you have them allocated.


Edit the Portal to match your Branding colours and logo

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO keeps your app users logged in automatically when redirected to the Feedback Portal.


Modify the idea form to fit with your company's language or change the language completely, the choice is yours.

⚠️ Don't forget to 'Save Changes'

Import from CSV

Import feature requests from other sources into your Feedback Portal.

Danger Zone: Delete your Feedback Portal

FAQ πŸ’¬

How many Feedback Portals can I have?

You can now have five Feedback Portals, if you require more, please speak with our Customer Service Team at

Why can't I toggle off the 'Powered by Userback' within the Branding Section?

You need to be on the Premium Plan to enable this function.

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