The Userback Feedback Portal is a great way to collect feedback from customers and your team, allowing you to capture, organize and analyze feedback in one place. With Feedback Portal, you'll be able to inform product decisions, prioritize and display progress of features and ideas on a public roadmap.

To get started with your Feedback Portal, you'll first need to active one on one of your projects.

You can activate one feedback portal per Userback project.

Activate a Feedback portal

Make sure you are in the project that you would like to activate a Feedback Portal.

A Feedback Portal can be activated by clicking the 'Activate Portal' button from the project overview, or by selecting the portal menu.

Setup the Feedback Portal

Once a Portal has been activated, you'll need to configure the settings.

The Portal settings are divided into 5 sections that will allow you to set up your portal for collecting feature requests,

General Settings

Portal Url: Your unique portal URL - By default the portal URL will be the project name. You can edit the Portal URL any time.
Portal name: The name of your portal, also displayed in the window/tab name

Feature Requests: Enable or disable the ability for users to add new and vote on existing ideas

Roadmap: Enable or disable the roadmap feature within the portal

Moderation: Allows you to decide whether or not new ideas submitted via the Feedback Portal or Widget are automatically made public

Status & Category

Configure the public status for the portal. Public status also relates to the roadmap view, which status are made available within the public roadmap. Configuring your status will allow you to assign your internal Userback status to a public status.

It is possible to assign multiple internal status to a single public status so that as you move feedback through your workflow, the public status is only updated when the rules are met.

Categories can be enabled/disabled from public view/selection


Configure the portal branding selecting from color and logo.


Configure the translation for your new ideas form.

Custom Domain

[Coming Soon]

1 portal is included on Startup, Company and Premium plans. Additional feedback portals can be purchased from $69 per month.

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