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How do I add a custom link in the Userback Widget?
How do I add a custom link in the Userback Widget?
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So you want to add a custom link to the Userback Widget Pop-up?
Simple! Add a URL or even JavaScript code directly into the widget to open a specific page or trigger a command (like opening an Intercom Chat window).

Add a link to a custom page or destination

  1. Navigate to 'Edit Widget'

  2. Toggle on 'Custom Link'

  3. Add your URL or custom destination to the text field provided.

  4. Click 'Save & Exit'

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I open my link in a New Tab or Window?

A: Simply copy and paste the code below into the URL section and replace the URL with the link, you'd like users direct to."", "_blank");

Q: Can I use other Javascript code snippets like the above?

A: Yes, you can! As an example, check out this article on how to open Intercom Messenger Windows from the Userback Widget Pop-up.

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