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How do I open Userback with a Custom Link?
How do I open Userback with a Custom Link?
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Discover how to open the Userback widget through custom interface elements like buttons and links on your website, utilizing the power of the JavaScript SDK.

This approach is perfect for capturing direct feedback within the environment and elements your users are already familiar with. It's especially useful when you prefer the widget to be hidden by default or when the standard Userback feedback button doesn't suit your specific needs.

Using an HTML Hyperlink

Use a simple hyperlink to trigger the Userback widget.

<a href="#" onclick="; return false;">Feedback</a>

Using an HTML Button

Embed a button that, when clicked, opens the Userback widget.

<button onclick=";">Give Feedback</button>

Advanced Options and Customization

Customize the widget to cater to different feedback types. For in-depth information and advanced customization, visit our Developer Documentation.

Available on Company and Premium Plans

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