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Two-Factor Authentication
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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) at Userback is all about making your account or workspaces extra secure. In addition to your password, 2FA uses a unique code sent to your email. This applies to the Userback App, the Userback Feedback Portal, and the Userback Browser Extension.

This double-check makes it harder for unauthorized users to gain access, even if they get hold of your password. It's straightforward to set up and an effective way to keep your account safe.

How to use Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled either by an individual or by a Workspace Admin for the entire Workspace. Check out both options to choose the one that aligns with your team's security requirements.

  1. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for entire Workspaces:

    For entire Workspaces, go to the Workspace Settings page, then follow this path: Workspace Settings -> Members -> Enable 2FA

  2. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for Individuals:

    For personal accounts, navigate to the Projects page, click your profile photo on the top right, then follow this path: My Profile menu -> Members -> Enable 2FA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will logins be remembered?

A: Yes, Userback remembers logins for 2FA for 7 days.

Q: How long is the email code valid?

A: The email code remains valid for 10 minutes.

Q: What should I do if I don't receive the confirmation code email?

A: Check your spam or junk email folder. Sometimes, legitimate emails may be mistakenly filtered as spam. Add our email address "" to your email provider's safe sender list or whitelist to ensure the emails are not blocked. Wait for a few minutes and check again. Sometimes, there might be a slight delay in email delivery. If you have tried the above steps and still haven't received the email, please reach out to our support team. We will assist you further in resolving the issue.

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