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Create and Edit Userback Surveys
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The Userback Survey is a proactive method for collecting user feedback that automatically activates based on specific criteria, such as user interactions or behaviors on a website or app. It presents users with relevant questions at strategic moments, increasing the chances of gathering valuable insights. Customizing the triggered survey through editing ensures that it aligns with defined goals and user experiences, ultimately improving the quality and relevance of the feedback collected.

This detailed guide will walk you through customizing the Userback Survey with ease using the Survey Designer, enabling you to gather valuable feedback and enhance the user experience.

How to Create a Survey

Creating a survey is a simple process that provides you with two options: using our premade templates or starting from scratch. Both options offer a wide range of customization features to ensure that your survey collects the necessary information from your users.

​1. Select the +Create button on the top right
You'll then be taken to a screen where you can select a feedback or survey project. Select Survey and choose 'Select a Template' or 'Start from Scratch'.

2. Create your project

From here you have the option to select one of our premade templates or start from scratch and create a survey from the beginning.

2. a. Selecting 'Select a Template':

You'll be guided to our range of pre-made survey templates, these can also be edited further to suit your needs. Learn more about templates here.

2. b. Selecting 'start from scratch':

Starting from scratch you'll be prompted to fill in the Project name and domain. From there it will initiate an empty survey canvas, requiring full configuration, including the addition of questions, to tailor the survey to your specific needs.

After choosing a survey template or starting from scratch, it's time to give your Survey project a name and specify the project domain where you'll be installing the Userback code. Remember, you can update this information later if needed.

How to Edit Your Survey

Customizing your survey, whether through a template or starting from scratch, ensures it meets your needs and preferences, enhancing the experience for both you and your respondents. Templates offer preset styling and positioning for easier setup while starting from scratch providing unmatched flexibility and control over every aspect of your survey.

To Edit your survey follow these easy steps:

1. Navigate to 'Edit' on the Right side panel of the overview page.

2. Customize the different aspects of your survey: Appearance, Rules, More, Add and edit survey questions, Add a welcome and thankyou page, Order of your questions, and Branding.

3. Press 'Save'

General Settings

Customize the Appearance

Customize your Userback Survey's appearance to reflect your brand identity, creating an engaging visual experience for your users.

Layout - Format: Paged format allows you to have one question displayed at a time.

Pageless Format allows you to display all the questions on one single page.

Layout - Position: Only available for Paged Format Surveys. Allows you to dictate the location where your survey will be displayed on your site.

If you have a Feedback widget and a survey on the same site please be mindful as to the location of the survey launcher (don't put it over the top of the feedback widget)

Layout - Size: Only available for Paged Format Surveys. Allows you to change the width of the survey form on your site.

Layout - Alignment: Changed the text alignment within the form.

Colors - Highlight Color: Adjust the color used in buttons and links.

Colors - Complementary Color: Adjust the color of the text and icons displayed on the Highlight color.

Colors - Background Overlay: Add a background behind your form and adjust the color and transparency.

Powered by Userback: Hide the Powered by Userback. This feature is available on the Scale plan and above.

Customize the Targeting

Customizing your survey rules enables you to tailor the survey to a specific audience, device, or page.

Audience: Select who to show the survey form to, select Anyone on your site to receive the survey, or target a specific user segment from your Identified users. To learn more about identifying your users and targeting and segmenting your target audience check out our articles - Link to Segment article, Link to User database.

Devices: Choose the device or devices where the survey form will appear for optimal visibility. Select from Desktop, Tablet, or Phone.

Pages: Specify the placement of the survey form. Choose to display it on all pages where the code is installed, or on specific pages based on their URLs.

Customize the Trigger

Customizing the Trigger allows you to set scheduled start and stop times for the survey.

Start: Set a time-based trigger for your survey to appear or use our Javascript SDK to trigger the survey on a specific command.

Stop: Define when you want the survey to stop displaying. Choose either to stop after the form is submitted and restart after X number of days, only display the survey once, or never stop displaying the survey.

Customizing More

Discover additional features to enhance the functionality of your survey.

View - Close Button: Add a close button to the survey to allow your respondents to leave the survey at any time.

View - Required Indicator: Marks the set of required questions with a red asterisk.

View - Page Number: Only available on Paged Format. The page number will help your respondents see the progress of the survey.

Security - Captcha: Add an extra layer of security by using Captcha on your survey form. This helps prevent bot attacks and unwanted spam results.

Question Settings

Adding and Editing Questions in Your Survey

Questions are essential to your survey as they help you gain insights from your users. To ensure a smooth survey experience, it is recommended to include welcome and thank-you tiles. Additionally, incorporating questions strategically can help maintain engagement throughout the survey. Each question set offers unique customization features that can be used to enhance your survey and tailor it to your specific needs, ultimately helping you better understand your users.

To learn more about each question type and for more details instructions please check out our article: Adding and Editing Questions in your Survey.

Add a Welcome page and Thankyou page to your Survey

Including a welcome page in your survey sets the tone and gives an introduction to the purpose of the survey, which can increase engagement and clarity among respondents. Similarly, a thank-you page at the end of the survey expresses appreciation to participants and provides a sense of closure, leaving a positive impression and encouraging future participation. These pages can ultimately lead to better responses as users have a clearer understanding of the survey's purpose.

For more information on adding and editing the welcome and thank-you pages, please check out our article: Adding and Editing Questions in your Survey.

Editing the Order of Your Questions

The sequence of survey questions plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth flow, relevance, and engagement with your users. The Survey designer allows you to effortlessly drag and drop your questions in any sequence you desire This flexibility enables you to customize the survey logic to perfectly suit your needs, making it uniquely yours.

For more information on Editing the order of your survey Questions, please check out our article: Adding and Editing Questions in your Survey.

How to Add your Branding to your Survey

Adding your branding is the crucial final step in customizing your survey to reflect your company's identity, reinforcing your brand identity, and making it truly your own.

To add your branding, in the Intro Questions, navigate to the right-hand side of the survey designer and toggle on the logo option. You can then upload your company's logo, ensuring that it does not exceed a maximum width of 256px and a maximum height of 48px.

If you wish to remove the Userback branding at the bottom of your survey, please refer to our detailed Branding Article for step-by-step instructions. It's important to note that this feature is only available for users on the Scale plan and above.

Preview your survey

Before launching your survey, it's best to preview it before you launch it for your customers. To do this, save your survey and then from the overview page, click on the preview button to see how your survey will appear on the demo page. During this testing phase make sure you consider the following:

  • Ensure the welcome message sets the right tone for the survey

  • Check the clarity of your questions

  • Confirm the order and number of questions

  • Evaluate the survey design

  • Test how the survey displays on different screen sizes

  • Asses if the survey might be too distracting

  • See how the survey appears on various pages of your app or website by launching your survey on a staging environment.

Once you are satisfied with your survey, the next step is to launch it by installing the code on your website and activating it from the Overview page.

Check out these articles for detailed guides: Install Userback in your application

How to Activate Your Survey

Activating your survey is a simple process! After saving your survey and adding in Userback Code to your site, go to the survey overview and click on the blue activate button. From there, you can choose to activate your survey immediately or schedule it for a later date and time. You also have the option to select a specific end date for the survey.

Share the Survey via a link

To share your survey with someone directly, simply copy the URL from the ellipsis menu located next to 'Activated' on the Project Overview Page. This feature is particularly handy if you wish to distribute your survey to your email subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I view the responses to my survey?

A: Accessing your survey results is a breeze! Start with the Overview page, where you'll find comprehensive totals for responses and impressions. For a deeper dive, head over to the Responses page, where you can explore each response and even access individual user feedback. For more information on navigating and interpreting your results, check out this article: Survey Responses and Results.

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