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Managing Domains
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With the new Global Code, it's essential to specify the domains for the Userback widget to make sure it appears where you want it to. You can manage the domains from two places: the Project Overview page and the Project Settings.

Note: To manage domains within your Userback Account, you need to use the Global Code on your site.

Manage Domain from Project Overview

Easily manage all your project's domain settings straight from the project overview dashboard.

  1. Click the ellipsis menu next to the Project and choose "Manage Domains" from the drop-down options.

  2. Specify your Domain by typing the URL of the site where you want to display the Widget.

  3. To include multiple domains, just click on "Add Domain" and input each domain you'd like to include.

  4. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Manage Domain from Project Settings

Customize domain preferences for individual projects via the Project Settings tab.

  1. Access your Project settings by clicking on the cog icon located at the top right-hand corner.

  2. Within the General Settings section, navigate to "Project Domains" and click on the plus (+) sign.

  3. Enter your Domain by typing the URL of the site where you wish to display the Widget. Add each new domain on a separate line.

  4. Once you've entered all desired domains, click Save to confirm your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I noticed the option to specify the URL of my project seems to be missing. Where has that feature gone?

A: With the new enhancements to the domains and global code, you can now add the URL where you want your widget to appear directly in the project domains section.

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