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Native Screenshot
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Native Screenshot in Userback offers an advanced alternative for capturing visual feedback, particularly useful in complex technological landscapes or in projects with restrictions on third-party access to resources or pages.

By leveraging the browser's built-in Screen Capture API, this method provides a straightforward way for users to capture a screen, browser window, or window tab.

How to Enable Native Screenshot?

To activate this feature, include one of the following code snippets either in your existing widget code or as a separate snippet on the pages where you'd like this feature to be active.

Userback.native_screenshot = true;


Userback.init('widget_access_token', {
native_screenshot: true

Caveats to Native Screenshot

  • Browser Permission Prompt: When a user attempts to capture a screenshot, they may encounter a browser-level permission prompt, this is out of Userback's control.

  • Mobile Limitations: Native Screenshot is not supported on mobile devices. Server-side rendering will be used instead.

  • Lack of Control: Since this method leverages browser technology, certain features or customizations available in the standard Userback Screenshot Engine may not be possible here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I seeing a browser permission prompt?

A: This is a browser-level security feature to protect user privacy. It's not something that can be controlled by Userback.

Q: Is it compatible with other Userback features?

A: Yes, Native Screenshots work well alongside our other features, keeping in mind the aforementioned limitations.

Available on Company and Premium Plans

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