Add a custom field to your widget

When collecting feedback from customers or users, there might be a time when you need to collect additional information outside of their name and email address. Specifically, by submitting feedback on your site, you may require the reporter to agree to specific terms, provide consent or even just advise them of your privacy policy in the form of a disclaimer.


A Custom field can be added to your Userback widget by simply enabling it in the widget form.

Add a custom field to your widget

  1. Navigate to 'Edit Widget'

  2. Choose the Feedback type to change and Click on 'Edit Form'

  3. In the Form section, Click 'Show All'

  4. Toggle on the 'Custom Field' and use the drop-down to select from the following field types:

Checkbox: Add a checkbox to allow the report to agree to terms, provide consent or confirm a certain part of the feedback process was completed / accurate

Disclaimer: Add a statement or link to documentation for the reporter to view prior to submitting feedback

Short answer: Ask a question from the reporter that requires a short answer. E.g. What is your Job Title?

Long answer: Ask a question to the reporter that requires a long answer. Eg. Describe your general experience browsing this page.

5. Make this field required by checking the tickbox

6. Press Back and Click 'Save & Exit'


Adding links to custom field text

To add a link to your custom field text, for example, to link to terms and conditions use [ ] and () to specify the link text and the URL.

Link text: Wrap the link text in square brackets [Link Text]

URL: Wrap the URL in brackets (

Viewing Custom field data

Custom field data can be viewed within each feedback under the Session Info tab. Custom field data will also be available when exporting feedback as CSV.


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