Adding your company logo to Userback Widget

If you're a customer on our Premium or Company Plans, you have the option to replace the Userback logo with your company logo.


How to add your company logo to Userback

  1. Navigate to 'Edit widget'

  2. Expand the Header option

  3. Click 'Upload Logo'

  4. Select and upload your file

  5. You will see a preview in your feedback widget, if you are happy Click Save


💡 TIP: For best results, we recommend your logo is uploaded as a JPEG or PNG with a max width of 380 pixels and max height of 36 pixels

How to customize the logo size?

The default logo size has a max width of 380 pixels and a max height of 36 pixels. If your logo is larger than this, you can still use it by adding the CSS code below to your website.


.userback-controls-logo { height: 100px; }

Additional branding options

You can also add your branding to notification emails and the public Userback feedback viewer. Learn more about branding your Userback account


🔐 Plan Availability: Company, Premium and Enterprise

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