The Userback Widget is simple and easy to use, you can use it straight away as is, heavily customize it to suit your requirements, or anywhere in between.

The three steps below can be done in order, out of order or not at all. The level of work you have to put into the widget is dependent on how customised you need it to be.


There are several ways that you can install the widget, check out our detailed article for the best way for you to install it.


  1. Select the project you want to edit

  2. Go to Settings and select Widget Menu

  3. Now expand each card to edit the different aspects of the widget

πŸ“˜Note - Don't forget to save as you go

πŸ’‘Tip - While you are editing your Widget, the Preview box on the right-hand side will update. You must save the changes for them to be reflected on your final Widget.

Widget Style

Choose the button shape, colour, text, position on the page and upload your company Logo to display at the top of the widget.

πŸ’‘Tip - If you are using your widget for bug tracking, you might change the text to say "Report a bug"

Feedback Type

The Feedback Type you are collecting is dependent on what kind of information you need from your Widget. You can toggle on and off the type of feedback forms that you want to show, the text is customisable and you can choose to allow screenshots, video, both or none.

Report a bug

Allows the user to describe a bug and attach additional attachments up to 2MB.

Feature Request

The user can leave feedback on improvements or suggestions, this can also be linked directly to the Feedback Portal.

General Feedback

Users give text feedback and a star rating.

View existing feedback

Allow users to see the feedback already submitted for this project. Most suitable when collecting feedback from internal users.

Contact us link

Users can click this link to contact you. You can also use this option to connect your feedback with live chat tools like Drift and Intercom.

πŸ‘€ Check out How to use the feedback Widget for a more in-depth view of the user side

πŸ’‘Tip - You might want to customise your text into a different language.

Feedback Form

This is a more in-depth customisation of the Feedback types; Report a bug, Feature Request and General Feedback. You can flip between the different forms on the top right-hand side in the preview section. Use the toggle buttons to turn each option on/off and whether to make it mandatory.

Welcome Message

Display a text message at the top of your widget.

Rating Type

Allow users to give a star rating on the page they are giving feedback for.

Button Text

Change the text of the submit button


The name of the Reporter.


The email of the Reporter.


A brief overview of the Feedback.


The main feedback comment for the final step of leaving feedback.


Allow users to categorize their feedback as things like Bugs, Tasks, Improvements etc.


Allow users to set a priority for the feedback.

Assign Feedback

Allow users to assign their feedback to a specific team member.

Custom Field

Set up an additional field to capture information. This can also be used for adding disclaimer text.


Allow users to attach a file with their feedback (up to 2 MB).

Thank You Message

Customise your thank you message after someone leaves feedback.


Select a confirmation icon

Icon Colour

Select a colour for your icon, by default it will be set to your widget colour


Set a thank you message along with a message below. You can link to other resources using the following link format [Text to link](insert URL here)

Session Replay

Session Replay is an add-on that you can purchase, unlike a screenshot or video, session replay is a reproduction of the user's full interaction on your site. This can be turned on for any number of feedback types.

πŸ‘€ Check out Session Replay to learn more about this feature.

Additional Tweaks

Lets you add some additional options to the widget, these will affect all feedback types unless stated otherwise.


Select the language of the text within the widget.

Display form in a modal

This will change where the feedback forms appear on the page. Toggled on the form will appear at the centre of the screen in a modal toggled off, the form will display right next to the feedback button.

Always include a screenshot

Will automatically take a screenshot with general feedback.

Video feedback length

Set the maximum length of the video feedback, from 1-5 minutes.

Show help annotation tools

Adds a small help icon to the annotation tools. This can be helpful for first-time users.

Powered By Userback

Remove the 'Powered by Userback' from your widget. Available to customers on the Premium Plan.

Advanced Tracking

Collect valuable information with each feedback, you will be able to replicate and resolve bugs faster with browser console logs, event tracking and detailed click tracking. This information will be displayed in the feedback viewer and will also be parsed through to any integrations you have set up.

πŸ‘€ Check out console logs and event tracking to learn more about this feature.


Configure how and when you would like the widget to display, you can set device types, how the widget will be triggered and how long on the page until the widget is shown.

πŸ‘€ Check out Audience and Page Targeting for an in-depth setup of this feature.

Widget Code

Now that you have customised your widget you can either, preview how it looks on our demo page, share the widget via email or go straight into it and embed (? is this the right word) the code onto your site.


To test your newly customised widget you can select the Preview button in the expanded </> Widget Code Card or go straight there with the button below.

FAQ πŸ’¬

Do I have to re-upload the widget code every time I make a change?

No, once you have the widget code embedded in your code it will automatically update if you change the settings. You just have to remember to press 'Save'.

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