Console Log and Event Tracking

By enabling the Advanced tracking features within Userback, you'll be able to replicate and resolve bugs faster. Advanced tracking features include Console logs and Event Tracking for client-side JavaScript errors and detailed click tracking for more accurate analysis of bug reports.

Console Logs

Once enabled, every bug report or feedback will include detailed Client-side JavaScript errors and logs that were recorded at the time. The logs are included within each feedback and will be automatically sent to your project management tool if connected.

Event Tracking

See exactly what your users clicked right up until the point of reporting a bug or providing feedback. Sometimes it is hard to replicate a bug without knowing the exact steps. Event Tracking helps to remove some of this ambiguity to see your website or App through your users' eyes. Combined with console logs, you'll be better equipped to squash bugs faster.

How to Enable Advanced Tracking

To enable Advanced Tracking, you'll first need to ensure that you have installed the Userback Widget code on your website or App.

📘Note: Console logs will not work with the Userback browser extension, event tracking will still work.



Select the project

Go to Widget Settings, then

Select the More Tab

Toggle on the Console Logs that you would like to collect.

Toggle on Event tracking.

All feedback will now automatically include console logs and event tracking.


View Console Logs and Event Tracking

Once Console logs and Event tracking have been enabled, this information can be viewed directly within the feedback.

Open feedback and click the Session tab and expand Console Logs. Alternatively, when viewing the full screenshot, click </> Dev Tools on the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have missing console logs, what's wrong?

Userback's widget code is loaded asynchronously by default. That means the console logs or JavaScript errors that occur before the widget code is loaded won't be captured.

In order to capture all the console logs, you must update your widget code and place it as close to the opening <head> tag as possible. Please see the example below:


<script src=""></script>
Userback.access_token = YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN;


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