Drift is a live chat platform that focuses on generating and qualifying leads and organising meeting bookings, you can have the Userback widget trigger a live chat on your website by following the simple instructions below.

Settings in your Drift Account

Go to your Drift Widget settings

Toggle off 'Drift Widget icon visibility'


Settings in your Userback Account

Select your Project

Go to Settings > Widget

Expand the 'Feedback Type' Card

Toggle on the 'Contact us link'

Copy and paste this code into the field

javascript:drift.api.startInteraction({ interactionId: 'YOUR_DRIFT_ID' });

Click Save Changes

πŸ’‘Tip - If you need more control of how the Drift Widget works, check out our Drift Widget DevDocs.

πŸ“˜Note - You can check that the widget is working correctly by using the Demo Page

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