The most essential step for getting started is to install the Userback widget, this guide will walk you through how to add the Userback Widget Code to your webpage.

⚡ Looking for a no-code alternative? Check out the Userback Browser Extension

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Let's quickly look at the terms we'll be using in this short guide:

  • Userback Widget Code is a snippet of JavaScript code that adds Userback to your app or website, you can find this code in your Dashboard or Widget Settings.

  • Javascript or (JS) is a scripting language, primarily used on the Web. It is used to enhance HTML pages and is commonly found embedded in HTML code.

  • Source Code is a collection of code that makes up your website. It can be accessed through platforms like WordPress or Shopify, or manually. The Userback Widget Code will need to be posted here.


Now, let's add the Userback Widget Code:

  1. Head to Widget Settings

  2. Expand the </> Widget Code card to see the Userback Widget Code

  3. Select Copy to add the entire JavaScript code to your clipboard

  4. Paste this directly into your Source Code right before the closing </body> tag

  5. Update the changes to your page or server

Using a CMS or another platform? We've created platform-specific guides as well as plugins below. Select your platform to figure out the best way to install the Userback Widget Code.


Manually checking to see if Userback is loading on your site is the most reliable verification method, because it allows you to see the Userback script loading directly in your browser on a live webpage.

Check out the example below where our widget was installed successfully:

Unable to see the widget button? Check out the most common reasons below:

  • The widget has been customised: Check out the widget customisation options, the button can be customised by look and location.

  • The widget is hidden: Review the widget targeting options, and make sure "On all pages where the widget code is installed" is enabled.

Still can't see the widget? We're here to help Start a live chat or Email us directly.


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