Setting up and using the browser extension is easy and simply requires you to download the extension and log into it using your Userback credentials.

When using the Browser extension, Userback will allow you to submit feedback to any project that you have access to. You can also assist users by configuring your project settings and adding project domains. By adding project domains, the Userback extension will default to the project used by that domain when submitting feedback.

Download the browser extension

Userback will now be installed on your browser and we recommend pinning the extension for easier access and faster feedback collection from your webpages.

Pin the extension to your browser

After downloading the extension you'll need to pin it to your browser in order to access it easily. To do this, click the extension puzzle icon in Chrome and select to pin the Userback extension.

Log into the browser extension

There are 2 ways to log into the browser extension.

1. Using your Userback credentials.

By logging into the extension with your Userback credentials Userback will detect which projects you have access to and allow you to submit feedback to those projects. Learn more about project access.

2. Give users and clients access with an Extension Key.

Extension Keys are a secure way for you to allow someone to submit feedback to your project without adding them as a user in your account. And when your project is complete, you can simply revoke the key.

Extension keys can be configured to submit feedback to a single project only. They can be edited and the project changed or revoked completely to stop feedback from being submitted.

Creating and editing Extension Keys

To create an extension key, simply head to the Extension Keys page, which can be accessed via Account Settings > Access Keys.

Click the Create Extension Key button.

Complete the required details to create a new Extension Key. You can select the project and give the key a name.

Once created, the key will be displayed, available for you to copy and share. You will also have the option to share via email.

There are some options available once a key has been created including viewing the key and sharing it, editing it which allows you to edit the project and name and revoke the key.

Once a key has been created, it can be entered into the extension.

Capture feedback using the extension

Now that you have logged into the Userback extension using your login details or extension key, feedback can be collected to any project that you have access to within your account.

Submitting feedback via the extension will also allow you to submit feedback and set priority, category, assignee and add a final comment to your feedback.

Learn more about the features and how to use the browser extension.

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