If you use Wrike to manage bug tracking, customer feedback and other tasks, you'll be glad to know that you can connect Userback directly to your Wrike projects.

You can choose which Userback projects to connect to Wrike and either manually or automatically push feedback through.

Connecting to Wrike is simple and all you will need to connect is your Wrike login details.

Connect Userback to Wrike

Head into Userback and click Integrations. Select the project you would like to connect and from the Wrike panel, click the ellipsis menu and select Connect.

Sign into your Wrike account if required and click Accept.

Once connected, you'll be able to select the Wrike Space, Folder/Project and Importance.

You can select how you want your feedback to be sent to Wrike via the Automation settings

Manually: Best for triaging feedback in Userback and selecting which feedback to send to Wrike.

Automatically: All new feedback will automatically be sent to Wrike.

Automatically and resolve in Userback: All new feedback will automatically be sent to Wrike and the feedback status will be set to resolved in Userback.

Click Complete Setup

Send feedback to Wrike

If you've selected to manually send feedback to Wrike, you'll need to do this from the feedback page.

To send feedback to Wrike, Click the Feedback menu and select a feedback.

On the top shelf menu, click 'Send to Wrike'

Clicking the Send to Wrike button will load the Wrike options modal, allowing you to complete all of the required fields in your Wrike project. This will ensure your team receive all of the relevant and correct information when the Wrike task is logged.

Once you have sent the feedback to Wrike, the Send to Wrike button will change to 'View in Wrike'

If you click this, you'll be taken directly to the task inside your Wrike account with all of the feedback details including the screenshot and any original comments.

The Wrike integration is available to customers on our Standard and Growth plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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