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REST API for Userback Partners
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This guide is designed to provide Userback partners with a comprehensive understanding of the Partner API Key and its application with our REST API. Learn how to unlock advanced features, manage your API keys, and integrate seamlessly with Userback.

What You Need to Know About the Partner API Key

The Partner API Key is a specialized token that enables you to offer your users unrestricted access to Userback's REST API features, without requiring a Premium Plan subscription.

The Partner API Key serves as an enhanced access token, allowing you to bypass certain plan restrictions when making API requests.

Why Use a Partner API Key?

No Premium Plan Constraints: Users of your integration can access all REST API features without a Premium Plan.

Streamlined Integration: Facilitates easier integration of Userback into your services.

Bypass Plan Checks: Make API requests against accounts that may not have API access under standard plans.

Obtaining Your Partner API Key

To obtain your Partner API Key, start by reaching out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Upon receiving your request, we will verify your partnership status with Userback. Once verified, a unique Partner API Key will be generated and sent to you for your use.

Making API Requests

To utilize the Partner API Key, include it in the HTTP request header under the key `X-Partner-Code`.


curl --request GET \

--url '' \

--header 'accept: application/json' \

--header 'authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>' \

--header 'X-Partner-Code: <PARTNERSHIP_CODE>'

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I generate my own Partner API Key within Userback?

A: No, Partner API Keys must be requested and are generated by Userback. Contact your Customer Success Manager to initiate this process. If you lose your Partner API Key, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager immediately. A new key will be generated and sent to you.

Q: Do my users need to install Userback and generate their own tokens

A: Yes, your users will still need to install Userback and generate their own tokens. The Partner API Key is specifically designed to identify users of your integration and allow them to use it across any plan level.

Q: Can I request multiple Partner API Keys?

A: Yes, if you require multiple keys, simply let your Customer Success Manager know, and additional keys will be generated for you.

Q: What is the Userback REST API?

A: The Userback REST API allows you to interact programmatically with the Userback platform. It enables functionalities like retrieving feedback, managing users, and much more. For comprehensive information and best practices, refer to our Developer Documentation.

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