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Troubleshooting: Widget code not found!
Troubleshooting: Widget code not found!
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After setting up the Userback Integration for Intercom, it's crucial to also install the Userback Widget code. This step ensures the optimal functioning of the app.

Below are the necessary steps to verify that you've correctly installed the integration:

Step 1: Install the Userback Widget

Follow this guide to install the Userback Widget code on your website. It's important to install the code in areas where you aim to gather feedback via Intercom.

Step 2: Verify Widget Installation

Once the widget is installed, refresh your webpage to ensure that the error message is no longer displayed. If you haven't deactivated it, the Userback Feedback button should now be visible.

Step 3: Conceal the Widget Button

If you prefer to keep the Userback Feedback button out of sight, navigate to the Userback Widget Settings. Here, select the "Do not show the widget" option. This action will disable the feedback button, allowing you to focus on gathering feedback through Intercom.

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