Manage feedback with Inbox View

Userback gives you flexibility with how you prefer to manage feedback. Different views allow you to quickly see the feedback you have received and organize it appropriately or reply instantly to reporters.

The Inbox view is the best view for methodically working through feedback and collaborating with your team and the reporter.

Inbox View

To access the inbox view click the 'Feedback' menu and select 'Inbox View' from the top right drop-down. The Feedback Sidebar will be updated as you select feedback through the inbox.
Userback inbox view

Sorting feedback

Feedback can be searched for, sorted and filtered from the above menu.
Userback inbox view

 Managing feedback

To manage the connected integrations, assignee and status of feedback in Inbox View, use the options available at the top of the comment section. The status will be representative of your workflows. Workflows can be configured within your project settings.


Replying to feedback is as simple as clicking the reply button from each available comment or replying via the main reply text box. You can also add internal notes for your team to see.


Type, Status, Assignee, Priority and Categories can be managed from the right side under the Session Info.
Userback inbox view


Feedback data

All feedback metadata and screenshot preview are available on the Feedback Sidebar. You can expand each of the options including User Data, Console logs, Event Tracking and Custom Data.
Userback inbox view

To view a full-screen version in the feedback viewer, click the expand button on the top right of the screenshot from the Overview Tab. From here you will still be able to view all the Dev Tool information and the Feedback Sidebar.
Userback inbox view

Inbox View with Video Feedback

When managing video feedback in the Inbox View, you can quickly and easily access the video and add bookmarks to the timeline of the video, reply to the video and jump through the video annotations.
Userback inbox view

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