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Add a custom field to your widget
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Gathering comprehensive feedback from customers or users often requires more than just their names and email addresses. Sometimes, you might need them to agree to certain terms, give consent, or be aware of your privacy policy.

Userback makes this process seamless with the addition of Custom Fields to your widget.

How to Add a Custom Field to Your Widget:

  1. Navigate to 'Widget Settings' in Userback.

  2. Select the type of feedback you're focusing on and click on 'Edit Form'.

  3. In the Form section, click 'Show All' to view all available options.

  4. Choose your Custom Field type:

    • Checkbox: Ideal for getting agreement on terms, consent, or confirmation on specific aspects of the feedback.

    • Disclaimer: Use this to add a statement or link to important documentation that users should view before submitting their feedback.

    • Short Answer: Pose a question that requires a brief response, like "What is your Job Title?"

    • Long Answer: For more detailed responses, ask questions like "Describe your experience browsing this page."

  5. Ensure vital information isn’t missed by making the field required.

  6. Click 'Back', then 'Save & Exit' to apply your new settings.

Links in Custom Fields Description:

To add a hyperlink in your custom field text, such as linking to terms and conditions, use square brackets for the text and parentheses for the URL, like this: Link Text.

Accessing Custom Field Data:

Custom field data in Userback is easily accessible and can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow for greater efficiency and insight:

  • Viewing in Userback: Custom field responses are directly viewable under the Session Info tab for each piece of feedback.

  • Zapier: Our Zapier integration lets you automate workflows by connecting Userback with your favorite apps. Whenever new feedback is created in Userback, the data from custom fields can be shared and utilized in various apps.

  • Advanced Webhooks: On our Premium Plan, you can take advantage of enhanced capabilities with Webhooks. This offers more comprehensive updates and interactions with feedback actions and changes.

Available on Company and Premium plans

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