Userback makes it extremely easy for you to capture feedback on your webpage, and designs. There are four main ways that you can easily collect feedback on your live websites and web applications.

You don't always need to be savvy with code in order to collect feedback and that's why Userback provides multiple no-code options for you and your team to get started immediately capturing feedback and reporting bugs.

If you are able to work with code, Userback is just as easy to install on your website.

So here are the 4 ways for you to capture your first feedback with Userback.

Widget Code

If you're looking to collect feedback from a web application or website, installing the Userback widget code is your best option. Once installed, your users and website visitors will be able to start giving feedback.

Your widget code is located in 2 places in your account. You can get the code directly from your dashboard by clicking Install Widget or head to the widget menu and expand the widget code card.

Learn more about installing the widget code

Browser Extension

If you're working within a team or you're unable to install JavaScript code to your web application or website, getting starting with the Userback Browser extension is a great way to start collecting feedback fast.

With the Userback browser extension, you can quickly take a snippet of the page, annotate and leave comments along with taking screenshots of the entire page and leaving full page feedback.

Invite your entire team to provide feedback on your website or app via the Userback browser extension.

Learn more about the Userback browser extension setup.

Demo Page

Your Userback account has a dedicated page for you to test your Userback widget. Once you have updated your widget settings, head to the demo page and test it out. This is exactly what you can expect your widget to look like once you add the JavaScript code to your live site.

Provided you are logged into your Userback account, you can always access the Userback demo site here

Upload a Design

Sometimes it is much easier to upload something to share and collect feedback. You can easily upload designs into Userback for feedback. The designs tool is a fantastic way to collect feedback on images, PDF documents and video files.

Head to the designs feature and upload your first design

Once you're up and running using the widget annotation tools is also very easy. Learn more about using the feedback tools

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