Working in a large organization or for multiple organizations often means that work and users are distributed across multiple teams. Ensure everybody has access to what they need whilst being able to easily navigate between them.

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Introducing... Workspaces

When signing up with a new account, you'll also be creating a Workspace. As your usage and requirements grow, you may want to create additional Workspaces to be able to separate work and users.

When you join or create an additional Workspace, a new icon will appear in your Account menu. To switch between the Workspaces that you have access to, click on your profile picture on the bottom left to see your accessible Workspaces.

Accounts vs Projects vs Workspaces

  • Account - This is your email address that all Workspaces you set up or invited to are attached. An Account can be linked to multiple Workspaces.

  • Projects - Where your feedback is stored, this is the recommended way to create separation between the different areas you need to collect feedback.

  • Workspace - An area or space where team members can create projects and manage their feedback across multiple projects.

Creating new Workspaces makes sense when you need to:

  • Join multiple Workspaces using a single email

  • Add and remove access to specific workspaces with a single click

  • Manage all payment plans via a unified email, like Accounts Payable

  • Reduce administrative overhead

We recommend using the least number of Workspaces possible and taking advantage of Projects to stay organised.

πŸ“˜ Note - Some of the following sections may or may not appear and may look different depending on what type of member you are in your Workspace.

πŸ‘₯ Workspace Settings > Members

The home for all your workspace members regardless of project access. Send a link to your team to help them join your workspace, or just invite them by email. Try it now

πŸ’³ Workspace Settings > Billing

When you upgrade a Workspace, all paid features get unlocked for all the members within this Workspace. Please note that the subscription is linked to the Workspace and not your Account. Try it now

βš™οΈ Workspace Settings > General

Use this area to update your Workspace Name, Workspace URL, Workspace Icon or Logo and Locale settings like your timezone and country. Try it now

🚧 We're still working on adding all the important Workspaces info to our Help Centre. If the answer you need isn't listed here. Start a live chat or email us.

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