Intro to Workspaces

Working in a large organization or across multiple organizations often requires managing work and users across different teams. Userback's Workspaces feature allows you to ensure seamless access for everyone while effortlessly navigating between them. This article will provide an overview of what Workspaces are, how to use them effectively, manage Workspace settings, and create new Workspaces.

What are Workspaces?

When you sign up for a new account in Userback, you automatically create a Workspace. As your usage and requirements expand, you may find it beneficial to create additional Workspaces to separate work and users effectively.

Userback workspaces

Switching between Workspaces

When you join or create an additional Workspace, a new icon will appear in your Account menu and login page. To switch between the available Workspaces, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select "Switch Workspaces."

Userback workspaces

Accounts vs Projects vs Workspaces

Account: Your email address serves as your Account, to which all the Workspaces you create or are invited to are attached. An Account can be linked to multiple Workspaces.

  • Projects: Projects are where your feedback is stored. It is recommended to create separate Projects to organize different areas where you need to collect feedback effectively.

  • Workspace: A Workspace is an area or space where team members can create projects and manage their feedback across multiple projects.


Creating new Workspaces

Creating new Workspaces makes sense in the following scenarios.

  • Joining multiple Workspaces using a single email

  • Adding or removing access to specific Workspaces with a single click

  • Managing all payment plans through a unified email, like Accounts Payable

  • Reducing administrative overhead

To stay organized, use fewer Workspaces and leverage Projects. Click here to Create and Manage Workspaces

Workspace Settings

A centralized hub to customize and manage various aspects of your Workspace. From defining your Workspace URL and logo to configuring member access, billing information, and branding, the Workspace Settings in Userback empower you to tailor your Workspace according to your organization's requirements.
Userback Workspace Settings


  • Workspace URL: Customize the unique URL for your Workspace, making it easy for your team members to access.

  • Workspace Name: Set a descriptive name for your Workspace to quickly identify it among others.

  • Workspace Logo: Upload your organization's logo to personalize your Workspace and reinforce brand consistency.

  • Country: Specify the country associated with your Workspace for accurate time and location references.

  • Timezone: Set the timezone that aligns with your team's location for proper scheduling and timestamping.

  • Contact Number: Provide a contact number for your Workspace


  • Invite Link: Generate a secret link to invite new members to your Workspace. The link can be shared, granting access to selected projects. Reset the link anytime to create a new invite.

  • Add/Remove Workspace Members or Project Members: Manage the members associated with your Workspace, granting or revoking access as needed.


  • Manage your billing information and invoices: Update and maintain your payment details, view invoices, and manage billing information conveniently from one place.

  • Account Usage: Track the usage and activity of your Workspace to ensure you stay within the allocated limits.

  • Upgrade: Easily upgrade your Workspace's plan to access additional features and resources.

  • Billing Details: View and modify the billing details associated with your Workspace.

  • Payment Method: Add, update, or change the payment method for your Workspace's subscription.

  • Invoices: Access and download invoices for your Workspace's subscription.

  • Workspace Deletion: Choose to delete your Workspace if no longer needed, following the necessary confirmation steps.


  • Customize emails and feedback viewer with your logo, color, and company details: Brand your communication and feedback viewer by adding your organization's logo, choosing color schemes that reflect your brand identity, and providing relevant company information.

Connected Apps:

  • Repair: Fix and troubleshoot any connectivity issues with third-party app integrations.

  • Reconnect: Re-establish connections with any disconnected third-party app integrations.

  • Delete Connections in Bulk: Remove multiple third-party app integrations simultaneously, streamlining your integrations list.

Extension Key:

  • Home of keys for Userback browser extension: Manage and access the extension keys required for using the Userback browser extension, which offers a seamless experience without the need for login credentials.

API Token:

  • Userback Rest API Token: Create and manage tokens for accessing the Userback Rest API, allowing for programmatic integration and automation with other systems.

Referral Program:

  • Refer a new paying customer to Userback and earn rewards: Participate in Userback's referral program by referring a new paying customer. Earn the full retail value of their first month as a reward for your referral.

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