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Feedback is a knot, it’s time-consuming and nearly impossible to keep track of, this inevitably creates a chasm between what your users actually want and the direction your product is heading in.

Userback has created a simple yet powerful way to collect and manage feedback for you to be able to articulate ideas and problems with the right context, with your customers along for your product journey.

It is our mission to help software product teams untangle the feedback knot and move the user back to the centre of product development.

Getting started with Userback is really easy and you'll be up and running with just a few simple steps.


A Project allows you to organise your Userback account and your workflow by separating your user feedback. Having multiple projects allows you to organise your workflow, set individual scheduling and manage your scope of work efficiently.


The most essential step for getting started is to install the Userback Widget or download the Browser Extension.


Your Userback Widget is what your customers will use to submit their feedback to your web app or website. The snippet of JavaScript code is quick and easy to install and can be edited to your use case or used 'straight out of the box.'

Quick preview of the installation steps

Browser Extension

The Userback browser extension is an easy no-code way to quickly provide feedback on any website or web application.


Userback is designed to work alongside the tools you already use and integrate user feedback into your existing workflow. Integrations are a great way to automate and streamline feedback into your existing team workflows.


Inviting your team to Userback will enable you to manage your feedback more effectively by assigning and tracking its progress through custom workflows, managing access to projects and assigning user roles to limit access to certain features.


The Feedback menu will display all of the feedback submitted to your project. There are no limits to the amount of feedback in your account and you can easily change the views to suit your workflow.

You can customised workflow, assignees, and notifications to suit your use case, creating cohesion between your Userback feedback and your current work practices.

Selecting a feedback will take you directly into the feedback viewer which will give you all of the important information about that feedback including any comments, pins, screen annotations and meta-data.


The Feedback Portal allows you to collate ideas and feature requests from your users into one beautiful, user-friendly location. It gives you the power to build with your user in mind, keep open communication, transparency, reduce your support burden and decrease churn.

YAY! πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ We are so excited you are trying Userback!

We think you will love it! Check out our great Help Center or start a chat if you have any questions.

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